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ENOUGH OF THIS PAIN!You don’t have to feel digestive
discomfort any longer!

My name is Wade Lightheart, I’m an advisor to the American Cancer Institute, a certified nutritionist, and a 3-time Natural bodybuilding champion. And even though I’ve helped thousands of people relieve their health challenges for the last 20 years, I found myself with serious digestive issues.

I know firsthand how it affects your life. After one of my bodybuilding victories I gained over 42 pounds of fat and water in 11 weeks.

I would find myself bloated like a balloon, especially after meals. I found myself in terrible moods. It really affected my relationships (ask my girlfriend).

The most frustrating part was that I was eating healthy foods, yet it didn’t help. I found myself always feeling like a pregnant man.

I’ll share how the most vibrant healthy 70 year old doctor I’ve ever met gave me the answer I was looking for in just a moment.

"It really affected my relationships"

I created this webpage to help the estimated 50 million Americans suffering from digestive issues.1 And if you’re one of them don’t worry. It’s not your fault and I’ll explain why in a minute.

’m going to share the solution that improved my bloating and gas after everything I tried failed: cutting out bread, eliminating dairy and desserts, eating salads, eliminating salt, drinking tons of water, sipping on lemon and ginger tea.

What helped my bloating wasn’t a better diet

The best part is, it only takes 10 seconds before every meal and you don’t need to change what you eat.

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