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Give your body all of the amino acids, it needs with masszymes: the most complete, most potent digestive enzyme on the market

  • MassZymes is the most powerful protein-digesting enzyme on the market
  • Formula contains 100,000 HUTs of protease per capsule
  • Increase your absorption of key amino acids
  • Eliminate: constipation, excess gas and acid reflux
  • Optimize the effectiveness of the protein you're eating

P3-OM Probiotics


Now Only:$69


Clean your digestive system of bad bacteria, viruses and other invaders with P3OM: The Navy Seals Of Probiotics

  • Super strain powerful proteolytic probiotic that can easily survive the digestive system
  • Proteolytic activity (breaks down protein)
  • Anti-tumoral capability (Reduces tumor size)
  • Antiviral capabilities (Kicks virus's asses)
  • Anti-retroviral activity as demonstrated against: the Rauscher virus, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and the T-lymphotrophic virus

Gluten Guardian


Now Only:$59


Protect yourself from Gluten contamination with Gluten Guardian

  • Gluten Guardian is a blend of eight (8) plant-based proteolytic Enzymes that break down starches and sugars
  • Eat your gluten and get away with it
  • Offers relief from occasional gas, bloating, indigestion
  • Includes the specific gluten enzyme Peptidase DPP-IV

HCl Breakthrough


Now Only:$29


Rapidly Terminate Acid Reflux with HCL Breakthrough

  • Contains 5 different types of enzymes to digest proteins, fat, and carbohydrates
  • Restores your stomach acid levels so you'll easily digest any carbs (less heartburn)
  • Alleviates other digestive issues like bloating, excessive gas and food allergies
  • Reduce your bloating, and eliminate abdominal cramps and gas within a few days



Now Only:$49


ConstiCleanse: To be the most effective natural solution for constipation ever

  • Clear out excess waste that may be stuck in my colon and hurting my health...
  • Stop feeling “backed up” and have a clean, clear digestive system...
  • Have more regular, healthier elimination on a daily basis...
  • Experience a stronger digestive system and feel amazing, every single day...

Herbal Parasite Cleanse


Now Only:$59


GUT CLEANSING Is The Single Fastest Way To Radically Transform Your Health

  • Herbal Parasite Cleanse is a precise blend of 13 three Plant and herb extracts
  • Plus 5 digestive enzymes
  • Designed to help eliminate and expel parasites
  • Fungal infections and viruses from the body



Now Only:$69


The 3 Metabolic Deficiencies That Sabotage Your Keto Or Low-Carb Diet WILL NOT Fix Themselves...

Yet kApex® can fix them all, in just 7 seconds.

Throughout this page and everything I’ve just shared with you... you’ve learned that removing these obstacles are the KEY to the results you’ve always wanted on Keto.

Without optimizing your digestion of fats... without upgrading your metabolic and cellular (mitochondrial) energy functions... and without smashing through your fat loss plateaus... You’ll NEVER thrive and transform your body the way I know is possible on Keto.

kApex® can help fix broken metabolism, upgrade cellular health, even supercharge your fat-burning hormones — all keys for weight loss.

Magnesium Breakthrough

Now Only:$36


Want to Recover Rapidly... Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles And... Experience The Healthy High Performance Edge

We spent years researching and experimenting with all the different forms of magnesium. We tried virtually every product on the market. We tried a variety of blends.

At the end of the day, we realized that most magnesium products only had a few forms of the magnesium your body needs (at best)...

Plus, nobody had "cracked the code" on the right ratios of these different forms.

So we realized we needed to create this product ourselves. We brought in one of the smartest formulators in the world to work with us...

And the result is Magnesium Breakthrough — it contains every key form of magnesium, in exactly the right ratio...

Watch MassZymes & P3-OM Digest A Piece Of Steak In Real Time Upgrade Your Digestion

Watch MassZymes & P3-OM Digest A Piece Of Steak In Real Time Upgrade Your Digestion

About BiOptimizers

Our mission is dedicated to discover, present, and share strategies backed by cutting edge research that lead to Healthy High Performance.

We believe our products empower humanity to achieve an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul, holistically defined as Optimum Health.

Optimal Health is a state of existence where all of the body's functions operate in perfect harmony — a symphony of the factors that make it whole.

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After experiencing his own digestive stress for years, Wade and his team at BiOptimizers are commited to helping 5 million people END physical suffering by fixing their digestion for good by 2028.

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